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  Formula Vee: Rennmax Engineering, Australia.

The first Rennmax Formula Vee was introduced in late 1965, proving very successful, with nine being built.
Then the MkII was introduced in the mid 1970's, with a further 14 cars being built.



Model No:
Year - Original Owner: - Current Owner:  Specifications & History.




Listed are all the original owners of Bob's Rennmax Formula Vee's

      Formula Vee MkI
      Bob Young
      Ken Goodwin
      Bob Beasley
      Bob Muir
      Terry Boom
      Greg Cusack
      Bob Ridley
      Barry Barter
      John Rhodin

      Formula Vee MkII
      Bill Christie
      Bill Norton
      Colin Moulds
      Damon Beck
      Peter Radtke
      Tony Zammit
      John Bowen
      Dick Bailey
      Chris Lewis
      David Leikvold
      Dave Colless
      Phil Everingham
      Max Lubke
      Roger Harris